Drying Sun over Moon and Landscape

Acrylic on deep, stretched canvas, 24×30 inches. Part of my Rainbow Portfolio of extraterrestrial landscapes. I’ve taken some artistic licence with the moon as although it’s been set in a light sky it is quite dark and I really wanted to be able to have a little reflected light from the sun bouncing off the planet and onto the face of the moon. I’ve tried to image what a view would look like in a sky that’s overwhelmed by red, and my mind’s eye took me to images of photographic dark rooms that I’d seen in the past. The sun has gone through several incarnations and I’ve had to change each one of them before I came up with this one…I was aiming for dynamic and unsettling – think I’ve managed to achieve that. No idea if that’s what a red sun would look like, but I’m guessing that somewhere in the trillions of stars out there in the universe there may well be one that doesn’t look too dissimilar.

Published by

Jackie Burns

This artwork is copyright © Jackie Burns. All rights reserved.