Diana Pierces the Azure Sky

9×12”, ink and watercolor on illustration board.

Inspired by a photo of Apollo 4, the first launch of the Saturn V rocket on Nov. 9, 1967 from Kennedy Space Center.

“Mission objectives included testing of structural integrity, compatibility of rocket and spacecraft, heat shield and thermal seal integrity, overall reentry operations, launch loads and dynamic characteristics, stage separation, rocket subsystems, the emergency detection system and mission support facilities and operations. All mission objectives were achieved.”

This Week in NASA History: First Launch of Saturn V – Nov. 9, 1967

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Danielle Rose

Danielle Rose is a watercolorist and illustrator, often combining ink drawing with watercolors. She has a lifelong relationship with art, and is inspired by the works of Mucha, van Gogh, Turner, Alan Lee, John Howe, Alan Bean, Robert McCall, and Hayao Miyazaki. With a background in geology, an incurable love of spaceflight, and a deep love of the natural world, Danielle is also a jeweler, gemologist, writer, graphic designer, Star Wars nerd and Sailor Moon fan. She lives in Oregon.

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