design for Mars colony, for PSU’s “Astro 1 Game”

Early design for Martian colony surface area, for PSU’s “Astro 1 video game” (2014); 3-D modeling imported into the Unity game engine (

About this piece: This design for a Mars colony was the first walkable area in a previous edition of Penn State’s “Astro 1 video game.” As a matter of design I prefer this one to the current version, but as far as playability at the time it was determined to be too cumbersome to get from one location to another (this was before we increased the players’ movement speeds, and added a mini-map/instant-travel option between key locations).
The design currently in use is vastly simplified, but perhaps I’ll go back and fashion a hybrid of some sort between the two.

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Nahks Tr'Ehnl

Combining life-long passions for astronomy and visual arts, Nahks is a multimedia specialist for the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at The Pennsylvania State University. His primary interests are astrobiology and human space exploration, and he aims to share those through science communication — art, writing, education & public outreach, ... and most recently, video games. Nahks trains in Kokikai-ryu Aikido with the Penn State Aikido Club and studies Urasenke-style Japanese tea ceremony through the Penn State Tea Institute. He also practices a bit of classic East-Asian inkbrush painting and calligraphy, among other medieval-recreation activities related to being a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. He's kind of a sci-fi/fantasy geek in general, who's also into a lot of tabletop and computer gaming.

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