DAVINCI on Venus

This is a still from an animation for the DAVINCI+ mission to Venus. The mission (still in the proposal stage) will drop a probe though the Venus atmosphere sampling on it’s way down, seen here resting on the surface in the Alpha Regio region. An orbital component will also be mapping Venus and studying the clouds in both UV and IR. The animation was created using Unreal engine. The background terrain was brought into Unreal engine from Gaea terrain software and the probe was modeled in Maya.

Published by

Michael Lentz

As Art Director at NASA’s Conceptual Image Lab I provide guidance for the creation of art and animation in the lab, with a focus on quality and scientific accuracy. I encourage artistic creativity throughout production, while also ensuring that all artistic work maintains a standard of excellence. I work agency wide with scientists and producers to help bring their stories to life through art and animation with a team of in and out of house artists.
I began my art and animation career in 1992 at National Geographic Television, within the Television Art Department. I worked for and was mentored by a multi-Emmy Award winning Art Director for 10 years. In that position, I became an accomplished Artist and Animator, developing visual elements for hundreds of projects. My work was featured in many Emmy Award winning shows, such as National Geographic 'Explorer' and 'Specials'. While at National Geographic Television, I collaborated with the Cartographic Division and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to help produce a satellite image of the Earth. This image was used in National Geographic Television Productions and the 7th Edition National Geographic Atlas.
Following National Geographic Television, I owned my own Animation business from 2002 to 2010. During that time I created a wide-range of art and animation for clients.

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