Crescent Nebula

The Crescent Nebula, NGC 6888. Seven filters were used to acquire the data for this image. Three typical narrowband filters captured the luminance from Ha, SII and OIII. In addition, a sequence of frames was shot with a clear filter, then three sequences capturing the red, green and blue wavelengths. The seven images were combined by mapping to RGB channels and to layers using additive modes. Technical details can be found in the notes for the Gamma Cygni region image elsewhere in this portfolio.

Published by

Joel Hagen

An award-winning artist and animator, Joel Hagen is a founding member of the IAAA. He is a MER collaborator, part of the Opportunity rover science operations team and has produced image products for the Opportunity, Phoenix and Pathfinder missions. A retired computer graphics instructor, Joel works with digital and traditional media as well as 3D printing and print surface treatments. Joel also designs extra-terrestrial life forms and biomes. His work has appeared on PBS, BBC, NHK in Japan, Discovery and National Geographic channels.

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