Cosmic creation stories

This is from a series of daily animations exploring Australian Indigenous creation myths over the month of January ’18, using live drawing/animation software (Tagtool on an ipad, captured to a mac using Screenflow). The creation characters are not directly from my (Yuin) mob, but are inspired by the writings of Bill Yidumduma Harney from the Wardaman mob in North Australia (with Dr Hugh Cairns: Dark Sparklers). My Sky creator interpretation of his Sky Boss is perched in the cosmos with a bag of songs and is sending a spear down to the ground to get things started with lightning. With some help from a creation Bird (Wedgetail eagle) and a Spiritual presence within the nebulae (Emu). The original rock paintings of the Lightning brothers in NT are awesome to see, still preserved after tens of thousands of years!

Published by

Mick Finn

This artwork is copyright © Mick Finn. All rights reserved.