Coloured pencil effect animation of a crewed Lunokhod.

An experiment, converting my crewed Lunokhod into a coloured pencil sketch style, as a video.
I’ve tried “arty” filters before, this one (Arkvis Sketch) works a LOT better than others I tried, particularly for animation. I like that it does NOT require photoshop, and can run in batch mode to process a whole folder of images.

The original plan for N-1 based crewed missions to the Moon made heavy use of Lunokhods.

They would survey landing sites, act as beacons for a precision touchdown, and if necessary transfer a cosmonaut to a spare LK lander which would land nearby before the actual crewed mission.

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Nick Stevens

I studied astronomy at University College London, but failed to get my degree. For many years pre-internet, I ran the bulletin board "Starbase 1", which is why you will frequently see me referring to myself as that! I was on the board of the IAAA. I operate exclusively in digital formats using many different software packages. Most often Lightwave 3d, Vue, Gaea, and Affinity Photo. I also enjoy oddball graphics packages like Xenodream, Amberlight, and others.

I'm particularly interested in the early Soviet space program, and I have served as a consultant on that subject.

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