Bountiful Harvest

An astronaut in a biosuit approaches Lunar Greenhouse Modules (LGM) on the surface of the Moon. Such modules would be specially designed to filter harmful radiations while taking advantage of free visible light during the long lunar day and to help create an artificial circadian cycle by “blacking out” for nighttime simulation while charging batteries to power the heaters and lamps during the lunar night. This painting was inspired by the Lunar Hydroponics Experiment (LHE) at the University of Arizona Biosphere 2. It was created mostly on site during IAAA outreach demonstrations and the original was on display in the Control Room area with the IAAA exhibit during 2016 at the Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona.

Published by

Earl Billick

Earl Billick is a native and resident of Tucson, Arizona (considered by many to be the astronomy capitol of the U.S.) An Artist member of the International Association of Astronomical Artist and the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists. His lifelong passion for aerospace, science and astronomy, along with his interest in the speculative and fantastic, are evident in many of his creations and designs. Earl works in many mediums including acrylic and oil painting, inks, graphite, digital media and sculpture. Earl’s artistic inspirations include Chesley Bonestell, Kim Poor, N.C. Wyeth, Robert McCall, Syd Mead, Chris Foss, Peter Elson, Alicia Austin, Liz Danforth, Charles Vess, and Vincent DiFate.

This artwork is copyright © Earl Billick. All rights reserved.