Blue Streak Heavy

Another unbuilt design from the UK in the 1960’s. This was a proposal to link Blue Streak rockets, in the style of a Falcon Heavy, or a Delta Heavy. It’s not yet complete. The fuel would be pumped from the outer boosters to the inner one, so that when the outer boosters stopped firing, the central tanks would be full – the same method planned for Chelomei’s UR-700 direct ascent Moon Rocket.

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Nick Stevens

I studied astronomy at University College London, but failled to get my degree. For many years pre-internet, I ran the bulletin board "Starbase 1", which is why you will frequently see me referring to myself as that! I am currently on the board of the IAAA. I operate exclusively in digitals using many different software packages. Most often Lightwave 3d, Vue, Photoshop Elemnts, Affinity Photo. I also ejoy oddball graphics packages like Xenodream, Amberlight, aqnd others.

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