Beautiful Neighbors (Earth Seen From Within Saturn’s Rings)

NASA’s Cassini space probe was launched on October 15, 1997 and ended by dramatically burning up in Saturn’s atmosphere on September 15, 2017. During its mission, Cassini did flybys of Venus, Earth and Jupiter and at least one asteroid, and then spent 13 years investigating the Saturnian system in detail. The probe conducted data and image collection on Saturn’s orbit and rotation, atmosphere, rings, magnetic field and satellites, giving us unprecedented information on one of the most dramatic and fascinating planets in our solar system. My painting, “Beautiful Neighbors” is based on one of Cassini’s images of Earth (and moon) seen from within the rings of Saturn, and is a tribute to this incredibly inspirational space mission.

Published by

Eileen McKeon Butt

This artwork is copyright © Eileen McKeon Butt. All rights reserved.