Back in the Briar Patch

©2021 Earl Billick – Apollo 16 astronaut John W. Young as seen by Charles M. Duke Jr. on April 21, 1972, during their first EVA from the LM “Orion”. The LRV (Lunar Roving Vehicle) sits in the background and a gnomon is deployed between the astronauts. The title of this piece refers to Young’s statement as he first stepped off of Orion’s porch; “There you are: Mysterious and Unknown Descartes. Highland plains. Apollo 16 is gonna change your image. I’m sure glad they got ol’ Brer Rabbit, here, back in the briar patch where he belongs.”

Published by

Earl Billick

Earl Billick is a native and resident of Tucson, Arizona (considered by many to be the astronomy capitol of the U.S.) An Artist member of the International Association of Astronomical Artist and the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists. His lifelong passion for aerospace, science and astronomy, along with his interest in the speculative and fantastic, are evident in many of his creations and designs. Earl works in many mediums including acrylic and oil painting, inks, graphite, digital media and sculpture. Earl’s artistic inspirations include Chesley Bonestell, Kim Poor, N.C. Wyeth, Robert McCall, Syd Mead, Chris Foss, Peter Elson, Alicia Austin, Liz Danforth, Charles Vess, and Vincent DiFate.

This artwork is copyright © Earl Billick. All rights reserved.