Animated 3-D update for “A Tale of Two Pulsars’ Tails”

Modeled in “Unity” 3-D game engine;

About this piece: These are attempts to “bring to life” my previous digital paintings* for the 2017 press release, “A Tale of Two Pulsars’ Tails” for Dr. Bettina Posselt, et al. (

Movie versions, here:

Eventually I’d like to use “Unity” to develop more complete, stand-alone playable apps (and/or embedded web features) for these and other simulations, giving viewers controls to more freely explore the scenes — change the camera angle, position, turn on/off certain layers, etc.

* previous post with digital paintings, here:

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Nahks Tr'Ehnl

Combining life-long passions for astronomy and visual arts, Nahks is a multimedia specialist for the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at The Pennsylvania State University. His primary interests are astrobiology and human space exploration, and he aims to share those through science communication — art, writing, education & public outreach, ... and most recently, video games. Nahks trains in Kokikai-ryu Aikido with the Penn State Aikido Club and studies Urasenke-style Japanese tea ceremony through the Penn State Tea Institute. He also practices a bit of classic East-Asian inkbrush painting and calligraphy, among other medieval-recreation activities related to being a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. He's kind of a sci-fi/fantasy geek in general, who's also into a lot of tabletop and computer gaming.

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