A new art for Valentines

This picture currently has no title because it new made for Valentines day. The diamond ring in the sky is created by a blue white stars, a yellow star, a planet and a moon laying on the shadow of a habitable moon where the couple (me and my wife) is on. To the left of the ring there’s also a heart shape nebula. This is just a short description, a more detailed one will be written later in my gallery. If you’re interested, my wife have been writing a excellent poem in my blog. https://einarcharleslarsen.com/somewhere/ It’s a perfect first post for me who is a hopeless romantic.

Published by

Einar Charles Larsen

My interest in science started when I was five, when I found a science book soaked with rain water in the forest. I dreamed to be an AstroArt artist since childhood, but I live in a monetary world where money is needed to live. AstroArt didn’t seem like the best business then, so I opted to the next best thing, use my artistic talents on graphic services for advertisement. Now, many years later, I feel that it's time to pay attention to my true passion, where I feel more at home. Creating Astroarts and share it to the world to inspire others to learn more about the landscape beyond our cosmic home, the Earth. I wrote the book “Mr. Nobrain and the Environment” for the same reason. I'm a perfectionist, born before high-tech cell phones was out in the market but nowadays I enjoy a bit of modern lifestyle by spending time in the internet and hanging out in social media whenever possible.

This artwork is copyright © Einar Charles Larsen. All rights reserved.