Workshops are the best thing about being a member of the IAAA!

Held usually once every year or two, IAAA workshops are truly amazing events. Like-minded space artists from all over the world gather in some exotic location normally missed by the average tourist.  Once there, we space artists explore, photograph, go places we generally aren’t supposed to go, paint, and talk “shop” with the only other people in the world that think the same way we do.  And we eat lots of orange food!

We have been having workshops since before the IAAA formally existed, in fact, the very idea for the IAAA itself was dreamed up at a gathering of space artists in 1981 (see our History for details).  Since that first event we have had over two dozen workshops, each as spectacular and wonderful as the last.  Here is the list of places the IAAA has been.  Click on each link (where available) to see a report of what happened and some photos of where it happened.  Then make your plans to be at the next workshop to get in on all the fun!

Would you like to attend our next workshop?  Click here to apply for membership!