Submit Art Critique

Use this form to submit art for critique by the IAAA Membership.  Fill in each of the fields below, instructions are at the bottom of the page if needed.


  • Select "Critques" for art critiques in block #2
  • Upload your image via the "Choose file" button in block #3. Your uploaded image will be set as the Featured Image and will appear at the top of the post, as well as in the Members-only Critiques page
    • Note: Featured Images are not clickable, so if you want people to see your image in full resolution, add it to the body of your Post Content using the "Add Media" button in the edit field
  • Enter the text about your image in block #4, you may also place additional images here via the "Add Media" button
  • Recommended Image size: 400px tall, if possible. Smaller is okay but the appearance may suffer on the site
    • Be aware images wider than 4600 pixels will prevent your post from saving