Space Dust

I wanted to create a space piece. In part, this was a rescue: I had some clear-backed dichroic glass fused to white glass, a combination spectacularly unspectacular. I took a hammer to it to create my own frit (powdered glass). I strewed this across a black disc, and it turned into something that seems to get a lot of oohs and aahs (but is not nearly so detailed as the paintings on this site).

Published by

Diane C. Taylor

When I first began many years ago, a degree in German somewhat limited my job possibilities. In the end, I spent a little over 20 years working for German and Swiss entities related to space policy and space science, ending with a year and a half at the International Dark-sky Association in Tucson, Arizona. Glass has always interested me. In 2002 after trying stained glass and lampworking, I found fusing – and my passion. While I began by making jewelry, I’m now working on larger items: bowls, plates, framed pieces.... I love to play with colors and geometric patterns while maintaining a simplicity and elegance, and sometimes whimsy. The Sonoran desert, where I was born and raised, is one of my favorite themes. Leaves fascinate me, as do faces. Dark skies and rockets, based on my work experience, also provide themes. I tend to look at the world, whether it’s the transit of Venus through a telescope or a flowering palo verde tree, in terms of “how can I show that in glass?” I have work in galleries and stores in Tucson, AZ; Tubac, AZ, and Richmond, VA.