Ringed Earth

I recently unearthed several of my early paintings from 1953-55, which haven’t been seen before outside this house. They were intended for a book with Patrick Moore which never got published, as such; some others are on my website. At the time I painted this one (1954) it was believed that in the distant future our Moon would break up and form a ring around a frozen Earth. (Please remember that all I had to do the ring was a toothbrush!)

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David A. Hardy

Former President and currently European Vice President of the IAAA. Art first published in 1952, freelance since 1965. Writer, editor and designer of 'Visions of Space', 1989. Other major books: 'Hardyware', 2001, Futures: 50 Years in Space (with Sir Patrick Moore) 2004, etc., etc. See: http://www.astroart.org/#!hardy-profile/c1a9q