Pulsar Newsletter

The bi-annual newsletter of the IAAA. pulsar

Here is the archive of back issues of the Pulsar. Issues over five years old are available to all online.  If you wish to receive the latest issues, become a member!

2011: Messenger becomes first probe to orbit Mercury.

2010: The first habitable exoplanet is detected.

2009: Many “Super Earth” exoplanets identified.

2008: Messenger’s first flyby of Mercury.

2007: The 50th anniversary of Sputnik 1.

2006: Geysers are discovered on Enceladus.

2005: Huygens landed on Titan.

2004: Two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, land successfully.

2003: The shuttle Columbia disintegrates on re-entry.

2002: Hubble telescope is upgraded.

2001: MIR space station is de-orbited.

2000: Last crew on MIR, first crew on the ISS.

1999: Total solar eclipse crosses Europe.

1998: The first ISS module is launched.

1997: Cassini / Huygens is launched.

1996: The Galileo probe flies past Europa, Ganymede (twice), and Callisto.

1995: Pioneer 11 shuts down.

1994: The Magellan probe enters orbit of Venus.

1993: The Hubble telescope is fixed in orbit.

1992: Pioneer Venus is deliberately de-orbited into the atmosphere of Venus.

1991: Helen Sharman becomes the first British astronaut.

1990: The Hubble Space Telescope is launched.

1989: The worst solar storms in history occur.

1988: The Soviet Union launches the Buran shuttle.

1987: A naked-eye visible supernova appears in the Large Magellanic Cloud.


The Parallax used to be an annual/semi-annual newsletter published to showcase artwork by members.  As printing technology improved and the internet became more widespread, the Parallax was discontinued.  It’s still fun to see what was made though.  Here are the known issues.

Parallax – 1998

Parallax – 1985-1

Parallax – 1985-2

Parallax – 1984-1

Parallax – 1984-2