Professional Tips

This page is where we will post helpful tips and sample documents for members.  Every professional artist needs to have a certain “presence” to show to potential customers.  After quite a bit of discussion on the listserver over the years about this, member Michelle Rouch compiled a recommend list of what all artists should have.  Additionally, we’ve worked up sample documents for licensing art and renting exhibits.  Feel free to download and use as you see fit.


Artist “Must Have” List

1) Bio – a full one page bio about you including schools, experience, and art history that includes a headshot photo of you

2) Short Bio – a 100-word bio because some galleries don’t want to show a full page

3) Artist Statement – a short statement describing the history of a specific a piece of art to be used with that work in an exhibition

4) Generic Artist Statement – a statement from the Artist about the “how” and “why” you paint what you do, your inspiration and methodology

5) Art Resume – a list of the art exhibitions/shows and places your works have been seen

6) Curriculum Vitae – a list of your works

7) Facebook Page – for a point of presence

8) Digital Portfolio – a selection of works chosen by you that you think best represents your work, save in digital format that can be sent to prospective clients, save them all in jpeg format with the same resolution and basic screen size, be sure to watermark and sign all images

9) Website if you can afford it

10) Artist Contract – sample provided below

11) Artist Log – a log to keep record of your artwork, when created, how, medium, where displayed, if original who it was sold to, rights granted, etc.

Sample Licensing Agreement

Sample Exhibition Rental Agreement