Hot Jupiter

One of a number of recently discovered Jupiter-like planets in a close orbit around it’s parent star. In this depiction the planet is losing it’s atmosphere both it’s close proximity to the solar winds of the star and by centrifugal force created by it’s rapid orbital speed. A vapor-trail follows the orbit of the planet and is pushed outward by the output of the star. This image is modeled and rendered using LightWave 3D by Newtek. The solar flares sculpted in Sculptris by Pixologic. Adobe Photoshop was used to complete this image by enhancing the brightness of the star and painting in some of the atmospheric details.

Published by

Raymond Cassel

Raymond is an award-winning illustrator, designer and photographer. To date, Raymond has created design work for a variety of industries including aviation, telecommunications, medical equipment, environmental, training, science education, and non-profit. Throughout his career Raymond has managed projects as diverse as large print runs; construction of an airplane cockpit mock-up for tradeshows; interactive multimedia; graphic user interfaces; video and animation; and corporate branding. Raymond graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a BA in industrial design. As a result of his education many aspects of industrial design are apparent in his design process. This experience allows Raymond to think beyond two-dimensional design. He is able to build rough form-study mock-ups in a digital or physical representation.