Donate to the IAAA

Running a non-profit organization can be a challenge, so donations for the IAAA are always welcome!

We accept funds via PayPal or by check.  Our preferred method to receive donations is via PayPal.  Our PayPal account name is "".  Please cut and paste this into the "Pay to" field after logging into your account.

Link to PayPal

kara szathmary - Arrival in the New World

Arrival in the New World by Kara Szathmary, FIAAA

If you wish to donate via check, please send a note to our Treasurer at and let them know you would like to give a donation.  We'll respond with a note shortly after and the Treasurer will send you the appropriate snail mail address to send it to.

Remember all donations are tax deductible - and thank you very much for your help in raising public awareness of space art!