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Welcome to the home page of the IAAA!

On this site you will find links to galleries of space art by members of the IAAA, astronomical art exhibitions that are available for rent, a membership roster with links to member’s web pages, and a tons of information about the IAAA and astronomical art in general.  Please feel free to wander around and enjoy!

Political climates are always shifting and changing, sometimes creating environments that are challenging to both artistic expression and scientific development.  The IAAA feels that evidence-based, post-Renaissance science is currently under attack by various movements in different parts of the world.  Such research clarifies our human relationship to the Earth and the Universe.  As an organization of artists publicizing, interpreting, and clarifying recent astronomical and spacecraft discoveries, we voice support for the scientific method of discovery and the use of empirical data, rather than ideologically based theories, as a way of understanding how humanity should move forward.  Science and art expand the human mind and soul and should be supported for the betterment of us all, regardless of political positions.