Home of the IAAA

Io Plume by John Kaufman

Cosmic Chasm 2 by Dan Durda, FIAAA

Proxima by Mark Garlick, FIAAA

Jovian HD23079 by David A. Hardy, FIAAA

Fire and Stars by Chris Doll


Welcome to the home page of the IAAA!

On this site you will find links to galleries of space art by members of the IAAA, astronomical art exhibitions that are available for rent, a membership roster with links to member's web pages, and a tons of information about the IAAA and astronomical art in general.  Please feel free to wander around and enjoy!

And while you are wandering around, check out the website of Tucson Chapter of the IAAA at http://iaaatucson.org/.   Even more space art and great astronomical things to see there!